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The calculator asks you a few things about you so we estimate the cost of maintaining you and your family’s lifestyle if you die or suffer a disability meaning you can no longer work.

Personal details

To start we need to know a few things about you.

Minimum age next birthday is 16.
Your age must be between 16 and 70 at your next birthday.
Please enter your current age.

Entry must be {{$ctrl.maximumDependentAge}} and under

Financial details

If you were to suffer a disability or die, you (or your family) may still have expenses and debts to be paid. The more detailed information you provide in this section the more reliable our calculation will be.

Income & expenses
Your salary must be greater than zero.
Your partners income exceeded maximum value of $999,999,999.99 annually.
You must enter a value for your income.
Your partners income exceeded maximum value of $999,999,999.99 annually.
Your other income exceeded maximum value of $999,999,999.99 annually.
The maximum total expenses allowed is $999,999,999.99
Total income must not be less than your expenses.
Assets & Debts
The maximum total assets allowed is $9,999,999,999.99
The maximum total debts allowed is $9,999,999,999.99

Calculated insurance cover

The summary below is an insurance cover estimate calculated using information you have provided. It should be used as a guide.

If you were to suffer from a disability, additional expenses may be incurred (e.g changing to allow for wheelchair access). Below is an estimate of the average additional expense. The amount you need may change depending on the type of disability. If you choose, you are able to alter this figure.

Explanation of the Extra disability calculation


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